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Step 1 - Theme Options

To begin customizing your site go to Appearance -> Customizer and select Theme Options. Here's you'll find custom options to help build your site.

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Step 2 - Setup Slider

To add a slider go to Theme Options -> Homepage and choose page slider. The slider will use the page title, excerpt and featured image for the slides.

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Step 3 - Create Homepage

To add featured content go to Theme Options -> Homepage (Featured) and turn the switch on then add the content you want for each section.

Exploring the Latest Market Trends in Canada

The Canadian market is constantly evolving and adapting to both global and local trends. As one of the largest economies in the world, Canada has a diverse and dynamic market that is influenced by a variety of factors. One trend that has been prevalent in recent years is the growth of e-commerce. With more and…

Understanding Business Regulations in Canada

Operating a business in Canada comes with a set of regulations and laws that must be followed. These regulations ensure fairness and integrity in the business sector and protect both consumers and businesses. The Government of Canada has strict policies and regulations in place to promote a healthy and competitive marketplace. This article will provide…

The Evolution of Canada’s Startup Ecosystem

Canada’s startup ecosystem has come a long way in the past decade, experiencing significant growth and transformation along the way. In the early 2000s, Canada’s startup scene was relatively small and scattered, with most startups concentrated in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver. However, with the rise of technology and innovation, coupled with a supportive…

Economic Developments in Canada

Canada has been experiencing strong economic growth in recent years, making it one of the top performing countries in the world. The country’s GDP has been steadily increasing, and its unemployment rate has been consistently low. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including a stable political climate, a skilled and educated workforce,…

Investment Opportunities in Canada

Canada offers numerous investment opportunities that are attracting both domestic and international investors. The country has a stable political climate and a strong economy, making it a popular destination for various industries such as technology, energy, and natural resources. These industries are supported by a highly skilled workforce and advanced infrastructure, making Canada an ideal…

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